Breakfast Menu

served 9am-11am daily

something traditional

 Powderham Butchers Breakfast – 11.95

2 sausages, 2 bacon, black pudding, hogs pudding, field mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, hash browns, a pot of beans and 2 fried eggs.

The Orangery Breakfast – 8.95

Sausage, bacon, field mushroom, roasted tomato, hash brown, small pot of beans and a fried egg.

The Full Plant Butchers Breakfast – 10.95

Moving Mountain sausages, vegan black pudding, field mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, hash browns and a pot of beans. (Vegetarian? Add eggs for £2).

All served with local sourdough toast

Eggs Your Way – 5.95

Scrambled, Poached or Fried served on local sourdough toast.

 Breakfast Roll

Choose between, sausage, bacon, moving mountain sausage or egg –                      1 item – 4.95 2 items – 5.95 3 items – 6.95

Porridge – 3.95

Topped with caramelised brown sugar. Add seasonal compote and banana for £2.00

something different

Granola – 4.95

Local yoghurt and seasonal compote.

Smashed Avocado on Sourdough Toast – 7.95

Served with poached eggs and chilli flakes.

 The Orangery French Toast – 7.95

Served with smoked streaky bacon and maple syrup or seasonal compote and banana. 

Crumbed Chorizo Scrambled Egg – 8.95

Served on sourdough toast topped with micro coriander.

Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs – 8.95

Served on sourdough toast.

Roasted Field Mushrooms – 7.95

Garlic and tarragon butter, on sourdough toast with poached eggs and truffle oil.

Toasted Teacake – 2.50

Lightly toasted Teacake served with Butter. 

Extras – 

Bacon/sausage/black pudding/hogs pudding/smashed avocado – 2.00

Egg/Hash Brown/Beans/Tomato/Field Mushroom – 1.50